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The cold is on its way. What to do?


Theatre, dance, museums, restaurants...the low temperatures are inviting you to discover a more interior Madrid and you will not be let down.

The Madrid Festival de Otoño, Autumn Festival, (from the 4th to the 29th of November) offers numerous cultural events in the capital as well as the surrounding Autonomous Region with 32 theatre, dance, music and circus companies. A total of 142 shows will be performed in the more than 20 theatres and participating venues (11 in the city centre and 10 more spread out in the different municipalities of the Autonomous Region).
It will be hosting some of the most innovative plays performed in theatre, famous in all of Europe, as well as presenting various world premiers. This  year’s edition will be particularly international with companies coming all the way from Austria, England, Vietnam or Argentina to mention only a few.
You can find all the information of this 16th edition of the Festival, with times, addresses and prices in:

Festival Jazz Madrid

If you are a Jazz lover the month of November also offers you a great opportunity to enjoy this genre with the XXVI Madrid Festival de Jazz and its program offering a total of 17 concerts taking place in different venues. One of the highlights will be the concert Patricia Kraus will be giving to present her new album.
Alongside the Jazz Festival there will also be La Noche en Vivo, The Night Live, with a total of 15 venues giving concerts throughout the entire month and the inclusion of as many different genres as you can imagine.
Information, times and tickets in:

Traditional Gastronomy

traditional Madrid specialty

But one must nourish mind and body and there is no better way to do this than by trying a traditional Madrid specialty, perfect to get warm and reinvigorated:
- Cocido madrileño: the capital’s star dish, a hot pot made with chick peas, meat, (beef and chicken), cold cuts (chorizo, blood sausage, pork fat and ham) and vegetables (cabbage, potatoes and carrots). It is usually served in two separate plates, first a soup made from the stock, followed by the vegetables and then the meat and cold cuts.
- Callos a la Madrileña. Made with veal and lamb tripe, cow’s foot and  chops, chorizo, blood sausage, paprika and other condiments.
- Besugo a la Madrileña: Red-bream cooked in the oven, one of the most common Christmas dishes.
- Sopa de ajo: Garlic soup. It is considered one of the most traditional dishes, also very rich, made with meat stock and vegetables.
And of course there is the famous tapeo, perfect for every season. A visit to Madrid is not complete until you have tried one of the famous cañas (draft beer), while washing down a tapa (small appetizer -cold cuts or other ingredients- usually served on a piece of bread).

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