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Casasmadrid 3.0


New Stage

After a hard year of work we are finally inaugurating our new website! And it is not only a new design more adapted to the necessities of the times but one that will be much more functional and practical. All of these changes come from the fact that since 2003, when the company was founded, there have been many changes.

From the 5 founding members we started off with we have now 1, from the 1 apartment we started with we are now inaugurating our new website with 17, we have added news about Madrid and its great variety of events throughout the year as well as some of our clients’ comments about their stays with us, and in the calendar of availability you will be able to see which apartments are available.

The apartments have been separated into Luxury and Comfort and the prices have been adapted to the current financial situation being much cheaper without, that is, having decreased in the quality or in the services offered.

We have introduced a new section so that the owners of the apartments or those who wish to invest their money in property may consider the possibility for to manage their property and all the benefits that this would entail.

In this manner we expect, firstly, to adapt to the great demand of short to middle term apartments that there are in Madrid and, secondly, that our company, managed by a small but great team of professionals who are improving and learning every day a little more, will grow more with each day that passes.

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