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A Christmas to Enjoy!


The best place to soak up the Christmas spirit can be found on the very streets of Madrid, which in these times are adorned with lights and decorations showing off their more luminous and elegant sides. Artists, designers, and architects (like David Delfin, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Óscar Mariné, Alberto Marcos...) have collaborated this year in the creation of the Christmas decorations that will cover the grandest streets in the capital and festively adorn more than a hundred public spaces. Practically all corners will be lit up: this year they have employed for the purpose a total of 7.4 million low energy, environmentally friendly light bulbs. The illumination will reach its height of splendor in the central street Gran Vía. To commemorate its 100 year anniversary (in 2010), the architect Ben Busche has used lights to recreate a city with buildings and skyscrapers that fills the space of the celebrated commercial center of Madrid.
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Memories Captured in Lavapiés

The Lavapiés plaza will also be specially decorated. On the 20th of December, all the residents of the neighborhood will be treated to a free breakfast with the goal that each one of them (up to 400) will donate a small keepsake. These objects will be will be "captured" in lighted boxes and hung from the Ministriles plaza.
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Traditional Markets

In addition to the lights, the wreaths, the Christmas trees and the numerous nativity scenes of all sizes that will be exhibited in emblematic parts of the city, the traditional Christmas markets will breathe festivity. They will be in corners like Nuevos Ministerios, the Jacinto Benavente Plaza, Santo Domingo Plaza, or the Chueca Plaza. Without a doubt, however, they will have their greatest representation in the Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor: a market full of colors, nativity figures, masks, tinsel, balls...
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New Year's Eve: Let's eat the 12 grapes!

Historians say that this Spanish tradition was born about a century ago, brought about by vine growers from Alicante who wanted to make use of a surplus from their grape harvest. The tradition consisted in eating a grape with each one of the 12 strokes of the clock the last night of the year. Almost all Spaniards practice this tradition on New Year's Eve and, without a doubt, the most popular and famous place to do this is Puerta del Sol where hundreds of people meet to eat the 12 grapes in unison in a festive and cheery atmosphere at the sound of each chime from the well-known Casa de Correos clock. These famous strokes are televised and the event is followed by thousands of families from their homes.
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January 5: The Promenade of the Wisemen

The traditional Promenade of the Wisemen from the Orient (Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthasar), will begin the 5th of January at 6:30PM from Nuevos Ministerios, passing through the Colón Plaza and the Paseo Recoletos, ending at the headquarters of the Madrid Ayuntamiento in the Plaza Cibeles, from where the Wisemen will announce their message of peace (at approximately 9PM). This year, the floats and decorations accompanying their majesties the kings and their entourage of pages will be inspired by the book "Around the World in 80 Days" by Julio Verne, to celebrate the International Year for Rapprochement of Cultures. There will be a pyrotechnic display and numerous dance and theater company performances during the course of the parade.
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You can see the complete program for the theatrical, musical and dance performances and exhibitions as well as the activities for children and the location of the traditional nativities and, of course, the multitude of events prepared for these dates at:


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